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Can 3D Camcorders simultaneously record 2D? Do Intel and AMD CPUs use different types of RAM? Apple makes life harder. Does the NSA have the authority to track cell phones in the US? 71% of online adults now use video sharing sites? Duh! Plus, our favorite Blu-ray releases for July 26th, 2011!

Online Video Dominates! US Government Is Tracking You, Apple Restricts App Links, Mango: New Windows Phone

More and more adults are using video sharing sites, according to a new poll. An NSA lawyer admitted that there are "certain circumstances" where the government has the authority to track Americans through their cell phones. Apple makes your life more difficult by not allowing links to online stores other than their in-app iTunes store. The new version of Windows Phone, Mango, will arrive in Japan this September, but when will we see it elsewhere? And Senator Al Franken is not exactly in favor of the AT&T and T-Mobile merger. Watch the video for all the details in the latest tech news.

Dump Adobe Reader, DIY Antennas, MS Adds RAW Support To Windows! Make DVDs Look Better On Your HDTV, Does The NSA Track Cell Phones? 46" Samsung 8000 Tested, Blues Brothers, Animal House on Blu-ray!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

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