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The Best Doctor Who Episodes For Newbies! The ThinkPad That Nearly Cost Me My Job! Did Dropbox Lie About Employee Access To Your Files? The PlayStation Network is back. And so much more on today's Tekzilla!

Dropbox FUD, Free Games from Sony! Bing Ads Facebook, Netflix gets Miramax!

Christopher Soghoian says Dropbox employes are on the honor system when it comes to note looking at your files. We're still using Dropbox! Wired has a great explanation of the complaint to the FTC.Bing is bringing Facebook to search. Apple's launching something big? Some Criterion films are leaving Netflix, but a whole bunch of Miramax titles will hit Netflix this month! Sony says sorry about the PSN outage. How about some free games through the Customer Appreciation Program?

ThinkPad X1 Review. Did Dropbox Lie? Turn The iPod Touch Into a Phone, Free Games from the PSN Customer Appreciation Program! VPN Routers: Build or Buy? Doctor Who Viewer's Guide.

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

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