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Want to use your iPhone or Android device without taking your gloves off? Veronica's got a pair for you to check out! Memory advance suggests 2TB Solid State Drives are coming! HP turns WebOS open source. Hybrid Drives Benchmarked (they're fast!) Study says Chrome is the most secure browser... guess who paid for the study?


Last Friday HP announced that it would be making webOS available to the open source community. Hopefully, this will mean continued development of the platform by the open source community. For consumers feeling constrained by the current size limits in SSD technology, fear not! On Dec 6th Intel and Micron announced the creation of the first 128-gigabit NAND flash chip. Higher densities could mean larger SDD sizes and more storage in embedded devices like smartphones and tablet computers. PCMag reports that Google Chrome tops the list of most secure browsers. Although the Google sponsored benchmark used favored Chrome's architecture, Microsoft's internet Explorer was not far behind. PCper.com has a great Hybrid Storage Ruundup including a lengthy discussion on the various types of Hybrid Hard Drives available on the market.

Best Gaming Keyboards, Hybrid Drives = Cheap Speed! Gloves vs. Touchscreen, Storing Electronics Properly, 2TB SSDs in 2012!

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

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