FAT 32 Sucks For Backups. Geocaching Is Geek Fun! USB 3.0 Emergency Cable Secrets! Free Online Fax. Go To HadOneJob.com Now. Vegan Pseudo Cheddar Dip?

Fat 32, geocaching, USB 3.0 emergency cable secrets and vegan pseudo cheddar dip on this episode of Tekzilla!

On today's Tekzilla, FAT 32 sucks for backups... we'll take NTFS or HFS+, and it's not just the 4GB cap on file sizes. Then, Veronica takes you through the art -and exercise- of GeoCaching. Plus, we check out how slow Is A USB 3.0 drive with a USB 2.0 cable? We asked for your free online FAX recommendations and we got some great responses. Lastly, we talk last meals, healthy eating, and Vegan Pseudo Cheddar Dip!