Seagate's $120 1TB SSHD. 17 Cool Things At Maker Faire. Run 64GB RAM! Ultimate Ears 11: Awesome Earbuds, Google I/O Secrets, Yahoo Eats Tumblr!

We Recap Maker Faire. Veronica shows off her Ultimate Ears 11 custom molded earbuds and we take a look at the shinys from Google IO and an in-depth look at Google Glass.

This motherboard supports 64GB of RAM... and it's the heart of our ultimate video editing PC. Find refurbished Apple gear deals automagically! Maker Faire: we spent a day find amazing examples of DIY from folding kayaks and the WhiskeyDrome to 3D printers and Arduino Starter Kits. "Tumblr. + Yahoo! = !!" Is Tumblr gonna suck? Can Veronica -hear- the difference custom molding makes??? See inside google glass... and the real news from google IO. Better augmented reality gaming from Jeri Ellsworth!