$200 GPS Roundup, Speed Up BitTorrent, Our Favorite Mouse Ever, Texting: more dangerous than driving drunk or stoned.

GPS models from TomTom, Garmin and Mio, Veronica's call on Android/T-Mobile's G1, help speeding up BitTorrent. Vista/OS X File sharing help. Our favorite mouse is cheap, too. Three core processor info. Cheap HDMI/HDCP ready video card options.

Texting while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk or stoned! Patrick's new favorite government study ever comes from the UK: Texting while driving is more dangerous than drunk-driving.

The first phone featuring Google's Open Source Android OS, T-Mobile's G1 is on the way... Veronica's tre' interested, we'll be getting one in for review. In the mean time, check out Sascha Segan's G1 review over at PCMag.com

Adrian needs a quiet, cheap mouse to keep from waking folks up when he's gaming in the wee hours of the morning... Roger and Patrick are huge fans of Microsoft's basic Intellimouse Optical. It regularly sells for under $20, and as little as $15 on sale.

This week's Freebie Download Pick: 3d Traceroute. Just pop in an URL or IP address and 3d Traceroute will output the packet stats as color 3D graph with adjustable x and y axis for easy viewing... and it's got a ton of other useful network testing tools built in!

BitTorrent is super slow for Shawn... we suspect the major problem is his ISP, then go through our top tips for speeding up BitTorrent!

Think your ISP might be throttling your BitTorrent downloads? Try searching BroadBandReports.com to see if other folks are having similar problems.

David's having problems with OS X Leopard/Vista file sharing...

Want to send us a video question? All you need to do is record yourself in front a video camera asking a question no longer than 15 seconds. Then up load them to YouTube, and email us the link with "Video Question" in the subject line. NOOOO attachments, please!

This week's Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of comes from the Tekzilla forums courtesy of 'Sembazuru,' who recommends FactCheck.org, a truly independent website dedicated to checking the facts behind any political claim... it's great for election season!

GPS Roundup? We've got sub-$200 models on display, including TomTom's ONE 130, Garmin's nuvi 205 , Mio's Moov 200. It's amazing how much GPS you get for around $150!

David's looking to learn more about his 3 core AMD Phenom X3 processor and what it might do well. Think anything that works well with multiple cores... it's one core better than a dual core and one core slower than a quad core... they're essentially AMD quad core processors with one bad core, and they have solid performance... just watch the price, since you can sometimes get a full quad core processor for just a little bit more cash.

Kenny's looking to add a new video card with an HDMI output and HDCP support ot his Dell Inspiron 531s... pretty much any new video card with an HDMI output should do the trick... our main concern is whether or not you'll need a half height card to fit in that slimline case. To keep things on the cheap (since you don't seem to need 3D Gaming oomph) check out Sub-$100 Graphics Cards: Radeon HD 4670 and GeForce 9600 GSO Reviewed over at Extemetech.com.

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