Netbook Buyers Guide! Amazing HDR Photography You Can Make, Perfect Portable Drive, Add A Third Monitor, Track the Kogi Korean BBQ Truck!


Netbook Buyers Guide! Amazing HDR Photography You Can Make, Perfect Portable Drive, Add A Third Monitor, Track the Kogi Korean BBQ Truck!

Free Software Finds Lost Drive Space. Tripit: Make An Instant Itinerary, High Dynamic Range Photos Look Gorgeous. Netbook Guide: from Hackintosh to Long Battery Life, Everything You Need To Know Before Buying.

Yes, much like LA's legendary Kogi BBQ Truck, Tekzilla's Veronica, Patrick Roger and Serafina can be found, if not tracked, on Twitter.

Catherine wants "a small (in size) external hard drive that will hold a TON of pics. What is the best one to get, for a good price?" We've got the best deals and info on the biggest hard drivs drives you can power off a USB connection.

This week's Freebie download pick is JDisk Report! This multi-platform (Windows, OS X, anything with Java!) app runs an analysis on your disk drives and shows you what's taking up space on your drives with easy to read graphs and lists, all color coded so you can see what exactly is chewed up all your storage space. Perfect for those of us who collect a lot of junk on our hard disks!

Netbook buyers guide? Kevin out in Bakersfield is "thinking of picking up a netbook this summer for the school semester in the fall. But with so many out there, I don't know what one is right for me. I don't need much, just one to surf the web, take notes in class and on my down time watch some videos off Hulu or Netflix. Being a student, cheaper is better. Any suggestions? Thanks."

Thank you, Kevin! That gave us an excuse to talk about everything you need to know if you're buying a netbook, and share our favorite picks, from keyboards to screen size, processors and Nvidia's Ion... along with what to do to get the most battery life, and which OS will probably run best

And, yes, we tell you which netbook to buy if you want to build a hackintosh... and have everything work!

This Week's Website We Just Can't Get Enough of is Tripit! Veronica's favorite trip planning site builds you an itinerary for your flights, hotels, rental cars and activities so you can see them all in a single place... you can edit, delete or add plans to them from here. The best part is how you tell TripIt what your plans are, but you'll have to watch the show to find out!

You know those amazing photos you see on flickr that seem to pop with color and contrast? It's HDR imagine, aka High Dynamic Range imaging. You can make your own amazing images, even if you have a pocket sized point and shoot... Our very own Roger Chang shows you how.

Max out your DVR capacity so you can keep dozens of HD movies instead of one or two? It's true, John, many DVRs will let you add an external hard drive. Patrick's DirecTV HR21 is much more useful with a 1TB external drive. There are some minor caveats, tho!

Sarah's building a new PC and wants to run three monitors... no problem. We've even got a couple says you can do it if you have only one PCI Express slot!