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It's the "I WANT" episode! Our Holiday Picks from under $20 to price is no object include toys, t-shirts, a gift to help your geek live longer, under $30 headphones, a 4 TB WD My Book, the Drobo S, Nikon's D5000, the Sonos ZonePlayer S5, LiveSribe's Pulse, Alienware's M15x gaming notebook, Intel X-25M SSD, Hexbugs, two sets of Home Theater Speakers, $1100 earbuds, SPOT's Personal Tracker, TADGear's F.A.S.T. Pack EDC and more! We've also got PeaZip, The Oatmeal and some nifty news from Child's Play and Project Inspire!

Patrick's Wish List Picks

Partrick's wish list wraps up our holiday picks! From smallest to largest, his list included the ridiculously musical JHAudio JH13 PRO in ear monitors, the oh so tiny Orb Audio's People's Choice Home Theater Speaker System, DataRobotic's Drobo S (a faster Drobo with more drive protection!), a 13 inch MacBook Pro (before his white MacBook turns compeltely brown),

Finally, TADGear's F.A.S.T. Pack EDC v4 (Technically not a notebook bag, but an an awesomely constructed everyday carry bag!) ... and if you want to score a 15% discount on any one TADGear.com order, use the code thankyou15 on your new account!

Did somebody say FOX Racing Shocks?? Find out in the video!

Tech Gifts From Under $20. Google: Goggles and Real Time Search. Holiday Shopping Picks from Veronica, Patrick, Roger and Serafina. National Handwashing Awareness Week!

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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