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We get expert impressions of Apple's iPad 2. How do you run 3rd party security apps along with Microsoft's own Windows Defender and Security Essentials. Is Thunderbolt the ultimate peripheral interface for the modern PC? Our recommendations for archiving data onto hard drives.

Question: How to get back menu and toolbar in Firefox 4

Carla wrote in asking how to change the new look in Firefox 4 back to the way it was it previous versions. She feels the minimalist look of the GUI puts a dent into her web surfing activity. Worry not Carla for TechSpot.com has a great write up on tweaking the interface and disabling the Firefox button. Veronica also recommends using Firefox 4 UI Fixer which allows plenty of customizations to the Firefox 4 UI as well.

Why You'll Want The iPad 2, Will Thunderbolt Replace USB 3.0 and FireWire?, What's Does Windows Defender Exactly Do, Best Hard Drive Options For Archiving Data.

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

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