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A new round of attacks on PlayStation Network accounts, iPhone 4S: the early reviewers love Siri. Bulldozer: AMD's latest should be faster, Loyd Case talks PCIe SSDs, Battlezone 3 GPU upgrades, CPU upgrades (now or later?). We talk about why wireless hotspots probably aren't the answer to broadband caps. Drew wants to know if downloading or streaming Tekzilla uses more bandwidth. Robert Reviews the Insignia Connected TV with TiVo Interface!

iPhone 4S is Awesome, Another Sony Attack

The first of the iPhone 4S reviews are in, and it's impressive. Faster and better, just like they promised. Sony has detected another possible hack attack on their database. Watch the video for more on these top tech stories.

TiVo HDTV Reviewed! Bulldozer Disappoints, iPhone 4s Reviews Are In, PSN Attacked Again, Loyd Talks CPUs, GPUs, CloudSave and More!

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

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