Laptops to Avoid! Kindle Fire Demo, Awesome OSX Apps, 27" Monitor Picks, Static Powered Cats vs HDTVs, LensHawk, 16GB Macbook Pro, Ultrabooks and More

On today's show, we've got a Kindle Fire hands-on with AppJudgment's Stephanie Chu, an Ultrabook round-up and holiday laptop picks from PC World's Jason Cross.

Why is Veronica afraid of the Box From Braun? More bad news for Mobile Flash? Yes, the ioSafe Rugged Drive survived. We've got a Kindle Fire hands-on with Stephanie Chu. We do an Ultrabook round-up, and PC World's Jason Cross give us his holiday laptop picks. Not all 27" monitors are created equal. Which ones do we recommend? Will iTunes Match identify the songs I made from LPs? These questions answered and more, on today's Tekzilla.