Renting EVDO vs. McDonalds or the Coffeehouse, Dual Boot Windows 7, Stretching SD: End The Oompa Loompa, FM Transmitter Tweaks


Renting EVDO vs. McDonalds or the Coffeehouse, Dual Boot Windows 7, Stretching SD: End The Oompa Loompa, FM Transmitter Tweaks

Twitter Hashtag Guide, Tools for dual booting Windows 7, Lossless Transcoding, F.Lux makes a perfect monitor, no matter what time it is!

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Our favorite HDTV expert, Robert Heron, joins us on the show today... Veronica is in Japan!

Did we mention Robert and Patrick are working on a new show for folks that want the best in high def for their home theater? It's called HD Nation, and it launches next week!

No, we're not big fans of stretching SD to fit an HD screen... it causes the dreaded Ooompa-Loompa effect by stretching everybody like a fun house mirror!

We can respect wanting to use your whole screen and avoiding the pillarbox. Kind of. Case in point, Todd's looking to stretch his standard def 4x3 video to fit a 16x9 screen, but not using a linear stretch mode. He wants the center of the screen to look normal, while the stretching is applied to the edges. Many TVs, along with video playback software like PowerDVD will do this... do we have a free tool that can do it?

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This week's free software pick is F.Lux. This tool automatically adjusts the color temperature of your display to the match the time of day. You get warm indoor lighting matched color at night and a bright blue hue to compliment daylight. It runs on XP, Vista and OS X. If you're tired of hassling with your monitor to get the best picture no matter what time of day... then check out F.Lux

Mastering the Windows 7 Dual Boot: Harrison asks, "How do you properly uninstall/remove an OS in a dual or multi-boot configuration?" Removing it is often less problematic than getting the boat loader to operate the way you want afterwards. The tools we mentioned on the show are NeoSmart's EasyBCD for sorting out boot manager issues with multiple OS boots along with the Gparted Live CD and Easeus Partition Manager for, you guessed it, non-destructive partition managing.

Want some help booting Ubuntu and Windows 7? Install Ubuntu after Windows 7! If you want to get your command line on instead of using EasyBCD, check out APC mag's article How to dual-boot Vista with Linux.

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Website We Can't Get Enough Of? This week's pick is TagDef. Have you ever been scanning your Twitter feed and come across one of those hashtag you were unfamiliar with? You know, a pound sign with some indecipherable alpha-numeric combination. TagDef, a simple website that relies on user submission to archive all the different hashtags found across the twitter-verse. Load the page and look it up... or define it if it isn't in there yet.

Renting EVDO? Khaklid will be traveling in NYC for a few weeks later this year. The hotel WiFi will cost a fortune. He's wondering if 3G EVDO is a good option, if WiMAX is available, along with other options he's got.

You could take a break from the Internet...

WiMAX is pretty limited, and not really a mobile option right now. RovAir has good deals for renting EVDO modems... the longer you rent, the cheaper it gets. For two weeks, you're talking almost $10 a day... how about getting out of the hotel room and checking out the local coffee shops? Tons of em offer free WiFi. Heck, you can get free free WiFi at McDonalds. has a pretty nifty hotspot status map, at least if the site you're looking for is monitored!

Dave in Albany NY sent us this question, "I recently got a new work van without a cassette deck. with no deck or aux in, my only option left is an FM transmitter. I picked one up, but it's has to much static on any frequency. Not waiting to waste another 40 bucks, can you recommend me one with a headphone input that won't make it sound like I'm pumping audio of frying bacon through my speakers."

Patrick hates FM transmitters, but goes over some hacks you can try on the show... positioning can make a huge difference.

If you can get to where the antenna plugs into your head unit, install an FM Modulator. They do a much better job than the FM transmitters that plug into your headphone jack, and are cheaper online.

Or ask you boss really nicely if you can install a new head unit!

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A CableCARD can let your PC record premium digital content. Ben wants one for his Windows Media Center PC. Getting the CableCARD should be easy, Ben, your local cable provider is required to provide you one. Robert walks you through the hard part on the show!

Converting FLAC to Apple Lossless or WMA Lossless? We head straight for dBpoweramp's most excellent Music Converter!

Got a thing for audio codecs? Check out dBpoweramp's Codec Central.

Into audio encoding? Then you'll find lots of info at Hydrogenaudio!

Last week Patrick recommended AppZapper along with a a dogpile of free apps for a new OS X user. We've got some reccos from the Tekzilla Crew for free alternatives to AppZapper. First, Erik in Sweden says to check out AppCleaner. Next, Mike and Chris both wrote in to suggest AppTrap.