Turn Off OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper! Watch The Olympics For Free! 5 Tools You Need To Fix PCs! Share WiFi Safely. Tweak Your Monitor's Brightness!

Tools to fix your friend's PCs? Here's our favorite software and hardware! Is sharing WiFi dangerous? Wanna watch the Olympics without cable or satellite? You'll need a password... or an OTA Tuner! How to hack a Windows PC to look good on your HDTV. A starter kit of tools and software you need to work on PCs. OS X 10.8, aka "Mountain Lion" Is Here! Wedding video? Get the sound off the board! PLUGE, Intel 3000 Graphics... and the settings you'll need to fix your monitor's brightness in Windows!

Don't miss out on the Olympics! We'll show you how to watch your favorite games. Plus, wedding video sound tips, OS X Mountain Lion & more!