Veronica @ Comicon, Spycams, Psystar, MiFi, FUTZ.ME!


Veronica @ Comicon, Spycams, Psystar, MiFi, FUTZ.ME!

Spycam Warning! MiFi = Easy Internet Anywhere! Veronica and Roger Go To Comicon, Sonos Gets Better, Would we buy a Psystar OS X PC? FUTZ.ME: Your command line for the web.

Welcome to Tekzilla... hands on reviews of the latest tech, and how to make the most out of the gear you already own! Veronica Belmont and Patrick Norton are your hosts.

Here's what was in the show this week:

San Diego Comic-Con! Veronica and Producer Roger had mad fun at the annual gathering... amazing panels from the worlds of comics, scifi and movies. Crazy costumes, fun parties, Roger took like 600 plus photosincluding a really cool Doctor Girlfriend from the Venture Brothers and both of 'em got all Fanboy/Fangirl at the Battlestar Galactica signing!

You can catch more San Diego Comic Con madness on iFanboy and the Totally Rad Show.

Ben's wondering how it's possible to video tap thru a peephole... Ben, spycams are fairly cheap, simple to set up, and way too easy to buy. Everybody should take care to keep an eye peeled for 'em! (I'm always leary of a new alarm clock.)

If you want to get really paranoid, remember that a lot of people around you are carrying cell phones that can surprisingly good video and, of course, stills.

Even Logitech makes the "WiLife Digital Video Security Camera" systesm with cameras buried in big silver digital clocks.

Legitimate uses for spycams? Lots of folks use them to prevent theft at work, monitor the children/nanny/babysitter/pets, or figure out which neighbor lets their dog poo in the yard.

Just be aware that they're out there and being used for a lot of fairly evil things, too.

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This Week's Free Software Pick is Tinker Tool, a pint sized application that lets OS X users disable and enable hidden functions in the OS X interface. You can tweak settings inside the Finder, dock, safari, the login... even OS X itself! Cool!

Sonos makes an amazing multi-room music streaming system for the home... Patrick gets hands on with the new Sonos Controller 200... a new touchscreen controller for this best of breed multi room music system. It's a big improvement over the Sonos Controller 100, but it's still $350. (And that's without the ZonePlayers that actually play the music!)

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This Week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough of is, a "command line for the web!" That's what they call themselves, but to us, it's a really neat way to use your browser's address bar to do simple tasks. Type in "your usersname" with a link to a website, and it'll send the page to your email for reading or archiving. Add a /t to the end of your username, and suddenly you can Twitter directly from your address bar! It does tons more and only has one downside: it will not sudo make me a sandwich!

MiFi, the "Intelligent Mobile Hotspot" Think EVDO + WiFi and smaller than a pack of cards, using 3G data connections from Verizon or Sprint to give you an instant WiFi hotspot anywhere you go. Veronica talks pros, cons and battery life on the show, along with how much the MiFi will cost you to carry!

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Can you ugprade the RAM in your notebook or desktop? Most of the time, Greg. We walk you through how to find out how much -and what kind- of RAM your machine runs. RAM is a cheap way to boost performance... and Greg found that doubling the RAM in his machine should cost under $40!

Hackintosh vs. Psystar: Dhruv wants to know if we'd buy a machine running OS X from Psystar.... frankly, we'd hold off until they sort out the whole Chapter 11 and being sued by Apple thing.

Coming to San Francisco? Nathan is, and we couldn't resist giving him some pointers on "must see sights/sounds/tastes/smells of San Francisco?" At least everything but the smells part!

You didn't get to go to San Diego Comicon this week? The Totally Rad Show has you covered... comicon is the largest convergence of movie, video game, tv, and comic book excitement on the planet! Be sure to watch TRS, recorded live from San Diego Comic Con at!

Special shout out to Ayleen and George over at October toys for the free zombies! (And for putting up with Roger and Veronica... mostly Roger!)