Why Won't My Laptop Fan Shut Off?!? Raspberry Pi Challenge! Infinitec Pocket TV. Best Rechargeable AAs. 1080 Vs. 720p. HD Certs. Bluetooth Mice?

On today's Tekzilla, we celebrate Pi Day! Take our Raspberry Pi Challenge, check out Berryboot and we tell you which rechargeable AA batteries you should be buying! Plus, Bluetooth mice and much more!

Pi Day... Woot for Math! Let's talk Berryboot.... and Our Raspberry Pi Challenge!!! Plus, any OS you want with Berryboot, the bootloader for the Raspberry Pi. We tell you which rechargeable AA batteries should you be buying. 10,000 mA D Cells. Viewer report: using an Android phone as a Set Top Box. 1080p Vs. 720p... can you really see a difference? Lastly, anybody know a great Bluetooth mouse for Joe?