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Faster Windows installs are easy! Plus the PlayStation 4 is unveiled: where's the console? Nvidia's new Titan GPU: did the 680 just get spanked??? Can a microwave oven trash your HDTV? Mandiant links China's Army to hacking. No 404 fail here! And much more.

HDMI Testers

Josh is interested in an HDMI cable tester to use at his work. Robert suggests a cheap continuity tester to make sure that physical connections are working. If a cable is acting iffy with a 1080p60 signal...replace it! Want to see cool signal testing graphs? See Blue Jeans Cable.

PS4: The Missing Info! Speed Up Windows Installs. Nvidia's $999 Titan Tested... and Two GPU Upgrades You Can Afford. Can A Microwave Hurt Your HDTV?

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

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