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Multi-Tool case adds blade to your iPhone! Atari Arcade brings old school games to your browser. Linux podcatcher recommendation? We've got tips for boosting battery life on Android phones! And Apple isn't the only company that cuts off old hardware: Where is Windows Phone 7.8?

Multi-Tool iPhone Case!

Scott says, "Check out this new iPhone case, it's perfect for Patrick, the good folks at HardOCP found it" Scott's talking about TaskLab's Task One multi-tool case for the iPhone! (You can't but it yet, they just started raising funds on IndieGoGo. (Hey, looks like this is the second multitool iPhone case!)

SSD Deals! Multi-Tool iPhone Case, Boost Android Battery Life, Nest Thermostat Review, Firemin Caps Firefox Memory Use, Atari Arade, Gorburger!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

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