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Project Bulb Scam? Great Viewer Suggestions For Scanning Old Negatives, Puget Systems Serenity: One Quiet HTPC! Notepad++: You Need A Better Text Editor, Stop Renting From Your ISP, Where's the Windows Phone 7 Upgrade???

Upgrades for iOS 4.3, Sony PS3, Apple TV... Not Windows Phone 7!

iOS 4.3 brings a faster Safari, users choice over the switch on the iPad and Personal Hotspot aka tethering to the iPhone. No 4.3 for Apple TV, but it did get NBA Leauge Pass, MLB.TV and Netflix 5.1 audio support. Sony's adding cloud storage for game saves to PSN Plus subscribers, IE 9 will launch March 14th. Meanwhile, Paul Thurrot wants a †Windows Phone 7 Upgrade!

Core i5 2500K Rocks! Serenity HTPC Review. Cut Your Internet Bill, Upgrades: iOS, PS3, Apple TV. Encoding Blu-ray for Streaming!

Monday, March 14th, 2011

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