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Revision3 Turns 5, and, boy did we have a party! Dropping the iPhone 4. GarageSalesTracker, Quinn, One Big 30" monitor, or Two 24" Monitors? The Quietest Gaming PC Ever: Loyd Case talks ready made and DIY options. Does ATI's Eyefinity have to be expensive? Red Ring of Death: Picking Your Next Xbox 360.

iPhone 4: Dropping It, Dropped Connections, Revision3 Turns Five

Yes, both Veroronica and Patrick have dropped their iPhone 4s... fortunately, Patrick had a Bumper on his, which also prevents reception problems from touching the iPhone! Apple's already sold 1.7 million. BTW, the bike Patrick was taking a picture of was a gorgeous Rivendell Antlantis.

World's Quietest PC! 802.11n Router Picks, One Big Monitor or Two Monitors? Cheap Eyefinity, Revision3's 5th Annivesary, Welcome Cali!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

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