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Great color, speedy apps: Samsung's PN-D8000 is proof that plasma is not dead! Thanks to TonyMacX86, Roger built a great Hackintosh! SOL Republic Tracks HD: these headphones have serious bass. Check out library books on your Kindle. Twitter wants election advertising, our favorite custom Home Theater PC Maker and the love that dares not speak its name... yes, we're talking BlackBerry phones!

New Blu-ray Releases for September 20th, 2011

New releases for this week include Dezert People 9, Dumbo, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Bridesmaids, and more! Watch the video for details on our favorites, and check out High-Def Digest and High Def Disc News for the complete list of releases.

New Hackintosh Build, No EFI-X! SOL Republic Tracks HD vs. Grado SR60 Headphones, We've Got Samsung's PN-D8000. Great Blackberry Apps and More!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

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