Smartphone Fight: Pre vs. 3Gs vs. Android. Best EVDO service. Favorite Free OS X Apps, KeePass.

Smart Phone Battle; Windows 7 App caching, Awesome Free Password Manager, Switch Audio in OS X, Notebook USB Audio Upgrade, AT&T Promises Better Service

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Standardized power connectors for phones? Yes. If you're in the EU.... Veronica is stoked that Nokia, Apple, RIM and others agree on micro-USB phone charger standard for Europe, and she's raring for it to make it to the US!

Bad audio adapter in your netbook, notebook or desktop? No worries... the cheap USB Audio Adapters work surprisingly well, and any of the USB audio adapters we recommend will deliver some delightful sound from your PC. For under $100, check out the M-Audio Transit Art Pro Audio's USB Dual Pre; for $160 you can pick up Headroom's most excellent Total BitHead.

Learn how to build a Chu Moy headphone amplifier at HeadWize... or watch the episode of Systm where they show you how to solder up your own Chu Moy amp!

Sponsor Message: Coors Light! How do you get your beer cold certified? Check out the experiments at Project: Cold. People have created new ways to chill a beer quickly. You can vote on whether their methods are cold certified and even share them on Facebook.

Free Software! Too many passwords? KeePass is an excellent open source password manager. All you have to do is remember one master password, while it keeps your password collection encrypted on your PC or on a flash drive you carry with you. It includes tons of additional tools, check it out!

Smart Phone Fight! PCMag's Sascha Segan joins us to talk Palm Pre vs. iPhone 3GS vs. the latest Android Android phones... not to mention Blackberry and Windows Mobile. (The Forgotten Smartphone OS!) along withVerizon's hints at a wonder phone...

...who has the best deal on EVDO for mobile internet, and AT&T's promise of better coverage when they make major upgrades to their networks this Fall... as in service in NYC and SF should no longer suck! Thanks for all the info, Sascha!

Sponsor Deal: SquareSpace! Use the code TEKZ when you check out and you'll get 10% off for the life of your order!

Website We Just Can't Get Enough of? This week's pick is! This site takes a unique approach to sharing your photos on a webite upload an image that you'd like to display on your site. Your readers will be able to pan and zoom within the widget, showing them the full detail of your hi-rez photos without needing to download them first!

Looking for free OS X applications? Jon out in Portland Oregon is new to OS X and wants to know our favorite apps... Patrick gave him a pile of free software to check out along w/ AppZapper so he can do some serious cleaning on apps he doesn't want! (Wanna bet Veronica's got lots more to add to this list???) Here's the list: HandBrake Growl iStumbler Sumo Paint Adium Transmission and Transmit 3!

Sponsor Deal: Want to help keep Tekzilla coming every week? Take a free 30 day test drive of's Go To Express... Dad or mom need help? Just email them the URL and code straight from the Go To Express client. They agree and you'll be in control of their machine in no time. No complicated installs for them and easy remote access for you. What could be better?

Can you change the audio output in OS X without opening up system preferences and clicking stuff? Andrew's picked something near and dear to Veronica's heart... she's switching back and forth between audio outputs all the time, between listening to music, recording and editing podcasts and gaming! You'll want to use something like FastScripts to run this MacOSXHints An AppleScript to change sound output device off your keyboard shortcut o' choice!

What's with Windows 7 and adding tons of RAM? Amongst other things, it'll cache your most frequently used applications in standby... Patrick's buddy Riyad has some good graphics and discussion on how it impacted load times on his machine; you can read them in Windows 7 – 4GB vs 8GB Performance

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