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Which mobile wireless runs fastest, and who has the best coverage? Mobile Internet Access Without a Contract! We've got bargain and luxury laptops and netbooks from Dell, HP and Lenovo! Windows 7: Better Battery Life Than XP? Spawn HD-720: Use your Xbox 360 or PS3 from overseas?

Extended Warranty: Buy or Don't Buy?

Should you buy an Extended Warranty with a new laptop? (or HDTV, or Xbox or anything else?) Luke's having mad issues with his MacBook Pro... it's been repaired three times in the last four months, so we took his question about buying 3 years of AppleCare to talk about extended warranties for all consumer electronics. Watch the video to find if we buy 'em!

Laptops: Dell vs. HP vs. Lenovo! Battery Life: XP Beats Win 7, Chrome OS, Stanford Laptop Orchestra!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

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