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Which mobile wireless runs fastest, and who has the best coverage? Mobile Internet Access Without a Contract! We've got bargain and luxury laptops and netbooks from Dell, HP and Lenovo! Windows 7: Better Battery Life Than XP? Spawn HD-720: Use your Xbox 360 or PS3 from overseas?

Spawn HD-720: A Slingbox for Video Games?

Viewer Ron is studying abroad next semester... he'd rather not carry his PS3 with him. Would the HD-720 from SpawnLabs let him use his PS3 at home while he's overseas? In theory, you can game from any place you can get a broadband connection back home to your Xbox 360, Xbox, Playstation 3, Playstation 2 or Gamecube. Find out more in the video!

Laptops: Dell vs. HP vs. Lenovo! Battery Life: XP Beats Win 7, Chrome OS, Stanford Laptop Orchestra!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

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