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HD Helmet Cams from CES: GoPro 3D and ContourGPS. Can you convert eSATA to a USB Hub? Stop Repetitive Stress With The Smartfish Engage Keyboard. CCleaner: Our Favorite Windows Uninstaller, IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard, BlueAnt says Vlingo = Better Hands Free Bluetooth,

CES, Sudoku Goggles, $49 iPhones, Ford Focus Goes Electric!

We're back from CES! If you haven't seen all the shiny things Veronica, Robert and Patrick found, please check out revision3.com/ces or youtube.com/tekhd.

Google says Goggles 1.3 kicks ass at Sodoku. Apple dropped their 8GB iPhone 3GS to $49 with a two year contract, just like AT&T did. The BBC says some Windows Phone 7 phones suffer from "phantom data use" to the tune of "between 30-50MB of data every day, Nvidia and Intel entered into a 1.5 Billion Dollar deal, and Ford goes electric, starting with the 2012 Focus!

Clean Up Windows The Painless Way! Keyboard Battle: Smartfish vs Multi-Link Bluetooth. Memory Cards vs Airport Security. Is WPA2 Safe For Banking? Corporate Dropbox, Ford Focus Goes Electric, Sudoku G

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

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