Disaster Prep Your Tech. Best Photo Apps for Smarphones! Apple Watch? Nexus 4 Wireless Chargers Hands On. MicroSD NFC. Blinky Red Light Saves Viewer!

On today's Tekzilla, we talk camera apps for your smartphone, disaster prep for your tech, Nexus 4 wireless chargers and the blinky red light!

Today on Tekzilla, Severe Weather Preparedness Week: we've got five things to do BEFORE mother nature stomps your house flat. Can you add NFC to my smartphone using MicroSD? Sim City is here... how excited is Veronica? Very! Are the rumors of Apple's iOS watch legit? Six strikes? How about copyright holders reward people that don't steal instead! Qi wireless chargers for the Nexus 4 tested. Do NOT Mock The Red Blinky Light!