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Kill Spyware from Anywhere! First Boxee Box Video! Windows Phone 7 OS, Nokia Buys Motorola, WeTransfer, Is it safe to run OS X without a firewall? Share drives between Windows and Mac. Every phone suffers from DeathGrip, sure, but free cases for all iPhone 4 owners!

Giant Pile of Tacos, Nokia buys Motorola, Windows Phone 7, Veronica's Birthday!

Nokia Buys Motorola, Windows Phone 7 OS Previews: Check out Engadget and PCMag. Nokia, RIM, HTC, Samsung and Motorola: We have death grip problems? Shut Up, Apple!. The Kevin Rose Approved Antenna Aid, Boxee Box video, and that Giant pile of Tacos? It's Veronica's b-day this week!

Droid X: iPhone 4 Killer. PopBox: Mess, Sony NEX-5: Shiny! Free 2GB File Transfers, Patrick hits the iPad with a Wrench!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

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