Antec's Skeleton Case Reviewed, Securing Data With TrueCrypt, The Best Gaming Mice, USB and FireWire vs eSATA.


Antec's Skeleton Case Reviewed, Securing Data With TrueCrypt, The Best Gaming Mice, USB and FireWire vs eSATA.

Is Antec's Skeleton PC case worth buying? Why gaming mice aren't all created equal. Free and easy data encryption with TrueCrypt, and what's the best connection for external hard drives; USB, FireWire or eSATA.

Veronica is out this week so we asked our dear friend Garnett Lee from to join us this episode.

Our first vmail comes from Francois. Francois not only has an unusual accent but a question about the best mice for gaming. According to" target="_blank">Garnett Lee gaming mice are decidely not all created equal. His picks include the Logitech G5 Laser Mouse, Razer DeathAdder, and the Microsoft SideWinder X8.

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Freebie file this week is Dexpot. A super handy virutal desktop manager that empowers PC users to expand the range of the current desktops onto 20 more virutal ones. Great for thos with way to much on their screens and no desire to purchase a larger screen.

Crazy case mods aside most PC enclosures tend to look like giant rectangles with cables poking out of em. Antec's lastest creation the Skeleton case hopes to change all that with a decidedly unorthodox shape and layout. Find out what Pat thinks about this case as he shares his likes and gripes on this open air design.

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TrueCrypt is a free open-source disk encryption tool that enables users to create virtual drives with selectable encryption levels that can be stored on hard drive, flash drive or even as an attachment. We walk you through the steps on creating a secure and hidden encrypted TrueCrypt drive that you can use anywhere.

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If you're considering purchasing an external hard drive you might be wondering... USB, FireWire, or eSATA. What should you go with and what's the fastest connection? Well after much testing with his Western Digital My Book Pat came to the conclusion that eSATA offered superior bandwidth and speed. FireWire comes in next in performance with USB 2.0 picking up the rear. That said if you're looking at a portable drive based around a notebook drive USB and FireWire both offer power over the connection eliminating the need for a powerbrick.

See ya next week!