Safe Backups: Drobo, FreeNAS, RAID, UNRaid! Best Twitter Clients, Wedding Video to DVD, Control Your Processor Cores!


Safe Backups: Drobo, FreeNAS, RAID, UNRaid! Best Twitter Clients, Wedding Video to DVD, Control Your Processor Cores!

Using a Mac drive from a PC, Core i7 Overclocking Performance More Gaming Controller Help for Windows, myUS: Shop from Overseas. What do you do with that weird tape your wedding video came on?

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Veronica just had a birthday!

Overclocking makes a CPU run faster, but is Patrick really getting more work done with his overclocked Core i7? Using ripping and encoding CDs and a bencmark doesn't show much difference between his CPU running at 2.6Ghz vs. 3.4Ghz. Maybe 'cause the process uses less than 12% of his CPU!

We're gonna have to run some more serious benchmarks!

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Free Software! This week's Freebie download pick is Ultimate Windows Tweaker. This free utility lets you adjust, cajole, and tweak many of the UI issues Vista users face on the consistent basis including the infamous User account control nag screen. Other hacks include the speed tools, the obligatory system restore feature in-case a tweak goes awry, security tweaks, IE hacks and a handy folder restore feature!

Veronica twitters. Patrick twitters. So do Roger, Serafina, Annie and Brett!

Chances are, so do you... looking for a better tool for Twitter? Check out Veronica's fave on the Mac, Tweetie. Patrick's fave, Tweetdeck runs on Mac and Windows. (You can check out Twhirl (now a part of Seesmic), too!)

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Website we can't get enough of? This week's pick is MyUS! We sometimes make product recommendations for items that aren't available outside of the US! MyUS can help you get the gear you need, no matter where you're located. MyUS actually gives you a US street address that you can enter as your shipping informtion, and then they'll forward your package using FedEx or DHL to your international address. They even have a Personal Shopper that will help you pay for your items using their US credit card number or PayPal account. Cool!

That weird video cassette from the wedding? If we can help Seth figure out how to get the video off it and onto a DVD or Blu-ray, we'll make his wife super happy. We've got ideas for dubbing that tape, free editing software and tools to help author that disc!

"Is there a way to assign a core, or cores, to a specific task or program?" Yup, Brian, there is. We show you how on the show!

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Mike thinks we "dodged the Drobo idea" ... frankly, we love 'em and explain why both Veronica and Patrick trust Drobo data storage boxes to protect their data at home!

That said, there are lots of other good storage ideas... traditional RAID 5 boxes, building a FreeNAS or UnRAID Box are all good, and if you're belt and suspenders, you should do some kind of offsite backup, too!

Yes, Rob, you can access Mac HFS and HFS+ formatted drives from your Windows box. If you just want to read the data on those OS X drives from your windows machine (or a Windows install on your Mac), check out MacDrive 8.

Don't need the data off those drives? Go into the Windows disk manager and re-partition them!

We got some great Responses to John's question last week about using console controllers with your PC gaming box. The two biggest suggestions were Xpadder, $16 and Pinnacle Game Profiler, $19.95. Both pieces of software will allow you to map controls to many different kind of console controllers, including the PS3 and Xbox 360. And, like we said, most newer PC games for Windows should have support already for the Xbox controller, so you might not even need keymapping software.

Love videogames? Then you need to see the latest edition of Co-Op! features all top-flight indie projects that you won't want to miss. For the iPhone it's the venerable Critter Crunch; for the 360 they'll be featuring the irreverent 'Splosion Man' with exclusive footage of a never-before-seen level. And to top it all off, Brad Shoemaker from Giant Bomb stops by to talk about the utterly fantastic, fantasy-RPG platformer for the PC: Trine. New episodes every Tuesday at!