Video Card Roundup, HDTV Picks, Headphones for Children!


Video Card Roundup, HDTV Picks, Headphones for Children!

Best HDTV Deals, GPU Picks from $50 to $500, foobar2000, Mini ITX motherboards. 7.1 speaker systems for gaming?

Graphics cards? HDTVs and Blu-ray players? Jason Cross and Robert Heron are back, staring down a -flood- of questions you've sent in!

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Do you read the manual... RTFM ... or do you rip open the box and wing it?

Veronica and Roger have been spending quality time playing Left For Dead...

The winner of the 80GB Zune is Brad C from South Carolina! Or "Murphy One D" as he's known in the forums... congratulations!!!

We found a netbook with a big keyboard! Check out HP's Mini 1000... the specs are typical for an Atom powered Netbook till you get to that "92 percent" keyboard that you can touch type on! (The build quality is solid, too.)

This week's Freebie Download Pick is foobar2000, a most excellent free audio player for all those folks that keep emailing in for an alternative to iTunes and the Windows Media Player.

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Our fave graphics card expert,'s Jason Cross is back with answers to a ton of questions you sent in via Twitter.

He's got the best graphics cards and GPUs for under $100, under $200, where money is no object, whether SLI and Crossfire still matter, along with good advice on when you should buy Intel's Core i7.

This week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of" is Veronica's favorite source of Japanese toys and gadgets: Gizmine!

With the holiday buying season in full swing tons of questions about HDTV's and HD video have been floating around, so we figured it was a good time to get's HD expert, Robert Heron, back on the show and to set us straight on the best HDTV and Blu-ray deals!

Sharrie from New York totally looks like Liz Phair ...Exile In Guyville frickin' rocks... and she's on the hunt for headphones for kids!

Veronica got her audio engineer on, and is delighted that iHearSafe earbuds and headphones keep the volume at a safe level no matter how high the kids try to crank them up.

Both the Kidz Gear Headphones For Kids, $20 iFrogz Tadpole headphones promise a comfortable fit with cushy pads.

Veronica also pinged her friend Jasmine France from Cnet's MP3 Insider. She added Sony's MDR-222KD Children's Headphones (Cheap! Built in volume limiting, but not the best audio quality.), Ultimate Ears Loud Enough Earphones (Volume limiting built in, much better audio quality, cost around $35), and, for the active kids out there, AirDrives Interactive Earphones for Kids (They clip over little ears, but don't have much bass.)

Thanks Jasmine!

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Heath can't find a 7.1 speaker system from Bose or Creative Labs to go with his 7.1 PC sound card. No surprise, that... there are tons of 7.1 speaker systems for home theaters, but it never seemed to take off on the PC Gaming front. (5.1 speaker systems for gaming are quite common, tho.)

Want to learn more about how to set up 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound speakers? Check out Dolby's Speaker Setup Guide.

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Have you seen these Mini-ITX motherboards? Yup, Chad, we think a 170mm x 170mm mobo running a Core 2 Duo processors is a super cool inspiration for a project, too. Check out for the latest news and lots ofideas on what peopel are doing with these tiny mobos (not nearly as tiny as nano-ITX, mind you!) from car PCs, to custom embedded computers... you'll get the idea!

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