iPhone 3Gs, WordPress' Matt Mullenweg, WD vs. Seagate: Don't Buy A Bad Hard Drive! Free Virtual Drives, Displayport, Sims 3, Squee!


iPhone 3Gs, WordPress' Matt Mullenweg, WD vs. Seagate: Don't Buy A Bad Hard Drive! Free Virtual Drives, Displayport, Sims 3, Squee!

Secret Shortcut Saves Thousands of Mouse Clicks, Does Blackle Really Save Energy Over Google? What's In Store for WordPress? Veronica Interviews Matt Mullenweg. WWDC: New OS X! New Macbooks! New iPhone! (Same old AT&T...) Convert File Formats Fast and Free, More!

Apple's WWDC 2009 was the launching pad for a number of product announcements including a revamped MacBook Pro line, the new iPhone3G S, iPhone OS 3 and of course OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Pat and Veronica engaged in vigorous debate on why AT&T has decided to charge an ungodly sum for those on contract to upgrade.

Mauro out in Florida was interested in upgrading to a 1.5TB hard drive but was wary to do so after reading numerous reports of failures due to faulty firmware or design. He was curious about what brands to consider and what criteria to judge them on.

This week's freebie file is WinCDEmu. A great free open source application, WinCDEmu. lets you double click on a disc ISO, IMG, CUE, BIN or RAW to mount them as a virtual drive in Windows. Great for those of us who've ripped our entire CD/DVD collection to our hard drive or just need a way to quickly test the functionality disc image.

Veronica interviewed WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg about the history of WordPressand the questions you had about the popular open source blogging application.

This week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough of" is ConvertFiles.com. A super useful site that enables you to convert any number of different file formats into a more convenient or accessible format. Need that *.doc file into a *.pdf? No problem. Want to that turn that *.zip into a *.rar? No problem. It's fast easy to use and, best of all, accessible anywhere you have a high speed internet connection. A great tool for anyone computing on the go or on the road.

Oliver urged us to inform our viewers about the ecological benefits of having everyone use Blackle in place of google.com, claiming hundreds of watt hours could be saved this way. Being the sceptic he is Patrick decided to put this hypothesis to the test and you'll be amazed at what he found.

Todd in Tampa, FL had a question about DisplayPort and how it will improve upon his current video card/monitor combo. Is it worth it to spend the $$ on a new video card that's DisplayPort capable or is it just another attempt to squeeze consumers for unnecessary upgrades?

Finally we received an email from Lance about which keyboard shortcut selects the "Don't Save" when you're closing an application in OS X. Short answer Lance, it's the CMD-D combo.