Backstage at the Diggnation Finale

Hippie Glenn goes behind the scenes for a backstage extravaganza from the Diggnation Finale! Catch all the pre-show set-up and excitement plus the crazy antics of Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht as they prepare for the big finale.

This week's episode is a behind the scenes and backstage extravaganza from the Diggnation Finale. There are a lot of moving parts that must fall into place in order to pull off a live Diggnation and the Diggnation Finale pulled together quite a few more elements than your average live show. Thanks to Hippie Glenn's handiwork and the fine assistance of photographer Luke Hartley, Toasted Donut tells the story of not only the crazy amount of work that went into setting up The Music Box in Los Angeles for the show, but theantics of Kevin and Alex as they "prepare" for final the show.