On The Surface Of Mars: NASA's Curiosity Rover Landing!

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On The Surface Of Mars: NASA's Curiosity Rover Landing!

Glenn is on vacation, so Barrett Lyon joins Prager to discuss NASA's Curiosity rover landing on Mars along with the advent of commercial, unmanned air vehicles and more.

Barrett Lyon is back to co-host with Prager as Glenn is away after having embarked for his second wedding within two months. Glenn and his wife Kristin's first wedding was in San Pancho, Mexico, with friends and the second one is with family back in their home state of Pennsylvania. Barrett and Prager reminisce a bit about the debauchery of the first wedding.

Turning more to science and technology, the successful landing of NASA's Mars Curiosity rover is discussed at length. The robotic nature of the mission segues into a discussion about the advent of commercial unmanned air vehicles (UAVs).

Last but not least, Prager also explains how he broke is left foot recently and won't be able to walk for several weeks in a vain attempt for sympathy.

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