Meet 2012 Olympic Boxer Filmmaker Drea Cooper

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Meet 2012 Olympic Boxer Filmmaker Drea Cooper

A bonus episode! Glenn interviews filmmaker and friend, Drea Cooper, on his upcoming feature length documentary on female Olympic boxer, Claressa Shields

Be a part of Olympic history and help get this documentary get made! Kickstarter page:

Drea & his partner Zackary Canepari, creators of the short film series "California is a Place" - are currently working on a feature length documentary on Claressa Shields, a 17 year-old female boxer from Flint, Michigan that is currently in London getting ready to compete in the 2012 Olympics - the first time Women's Boxing has been in the Olympics. Drea talks about documentary filmmaking, the progress of the documentary itself, and finally, how you can help make it happen. Be a part of history and make a donation to help the story unfold!

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