Microsoft Surface Reactions and Stupid Instagram Habits

Toasted Donut

Microsoft Surface Reactions and Stupid Instagram Habits

Do you hate it when people consistently say annoying things on Twitter or post self aggrandizing things on Instagram? Glenn and Prager talk about these pet peeves as well as Microsoft Surface, and doping in sports (no, not hippie drugs).

We've been so eager to re-launch Toasted Donut that we shot additional content last week that we want to make sure and push out as a 2nd release this week. After that, Toasted Donut's regular release schedule will be every Monday evening. If things go well, we'll add extra episodes and expand the content even more.

In this episode's discussion, we talk about pet peeves, what annoys us about certain behavior types of Instagram and Twitter users. Although the Microsoft Surface was announced more than a couple of weeks ago, we also leverage opinions on it, and what it may mean for Microsoft. Finally, in light of the SF Giants perfect game a few weeks back, our discussion turns to possible changes in the game since a hard crackdown on steroids (and about drug use in other sports).

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