Toasted Nation: The Return of Toasted Donut

Toasted Donut

Toasted Nation: The Return of Toasted Donut

Toasted Donut is back from its hiatus! Join Glenn McElhose and David Prager as the guys chat about tech news, current events and a few of the exciting happenings in their lives. Yes, the format is a bit like Diggnation... check it out as we discuss Facebook stock, bachelor parties in Colombia & more.

After some ruminating and a few changes at Revision3 (Discovery, what?!) and some feedback from at least a few viewers, we have decided to bring back the show. Toasted Donut returns under a more simple format for now. Over the course of the next several weeks, Toasted Donut's format will consist of a back and forth discussion between Glenn McElhose and David Prager about tech news, current events, plus a few of the happenings in the lives of Glenn and Prager. Yes, the format is eerily similar to the format of Diggnation between Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose, hence the episode title of "Toasted Nation."

We'll be bringing in guests more frequently as well as speaking with the new Toasted Donut shooter and editor, Michael Huynh. All of your feedback, comments, and suggestions are extremely important to us as we want to evolve the show to be exactly what viewers want.

In this episode, Revision3's head of new programs and program acquisitions, Matt Labate, joins a discussion with Glenn and Prager about the process of creating new Revision3 programming, identifying talent, and partnering with new and developing show properties.

This episode was shot a couple of weeks ago (newer episodes will be recorded only a couple of days before release). Other topics include:
Glenn's wedding
Bachelor parties in Colombia
Facebook Stock
Kevin Rose's Magic Tricks