Top 5 Internet TV Boxes

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Top 5 Internet TV Boxes

The top 5 best boxes that let you get TV from the Internet and put it on your TV.

While you can't watch every TV show online, legally, you can get a large amount of your favorites without risking a subpoena. Hulu Plus, Netflix, and in many cases just the network websites themselves, stream shows with commercials for free. But what if you want those shows, not on your laptop, but on your actual television set.

Probably the best thing to do would be to hook up a PC, but that doesn't always give you the most convenient interface, when you're sitting on a couch. Game consoles are probably next, but a PS3 or an Xbox may not be your style, or just too much money.

Enter the streaming box. Or media streamer. Or over-the-top box. Or who knows what you call it. They're little devices in most cases cheeper than a PC or even a console, that allow you to stream Internet TV to your big TV, without the clunkiness of a full computer.

These are my picks this week, based on having tried at least a dozen of these different ways of watching TV. But by all means post your own ideas in the discussion section. I'm sure you may differ.

And if you have an idea for a Top 5, tell it to us in the forums or send me a reply on twitter to acedtect.