Flipping Out - Hamlet 2, Traitor, Castle Crashers, Mario Super Sluggers, Planetary, and Transmetropolitan

Not just another summer sequel with Hamlet 2. Does Castle Crashers live up to its name? We discover a Traitor! Mario Super Sluggers swings for the fences. Plus, the good and bad of Warren Ellis

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff may have crowned the funniest movie of the summer too soon! The Steve Coogan comedy, Hamlet 2, might just be a worthy successor to one of the best theater parodies of all time, Waiting for Guffman.

The new thriller, Traitor, is about a man suspected of being a terrorist. Find out if the guys are wit' 'em or again' 'em.

This week in Video Games:

The Wii launch title, Wii Sports, offered a fun, if simplistic baseball minigame. Now, Nintendo has expanded the concept and thrown its trademark characters into the mix with Mario Super Sluggers. Alex, Dan, and Jeff grab their wiimotes to knock this game out of the park.

The string of excellent Summer '08 downloadedable titles continues this week with The Behemouth's http://www.castlecrashers.com/" target="_blank">Castle Crashers . The guys endure the broken online mode to enjoy some retro-arcade goodness.

This week in Comics:

Warren Ellis' prolific career includes some of the most imaginitive and challenging comic book work of the last decade. Alex, Dan, and Jeff check out a couple of his most popular series, Planetary and Transmetropolitan.

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