Footnote - Blizzcon, Body of Lies, Rocknrolla, Fracture, Wipeout HD, and... Jason X?

Hands-on with Starcraft II and Diablo III at Blizzcon! The truth about Body of Lies. Does Rocknrolla rock? Will we rip on Fracture? Is Wipeout HD worth $20? Plus, bad movie night goes to space!

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff take a look at Body of Lies, the new spy thriller from Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe, and Leonardo DiCapprio. Could the best part about it be up-and-coming actor, Mark Strong?

The Mark Strong love-fest continues in Guy Ritchie's lastest crime dramedy, Rocknrolla. But do the guys see a plot worth going to the theater for?

This week in Video Games:

Fracture is Lucasarts' new third-person shooter that allows players to deform the terrain on the fly. Alex, Dan, and Jeff find out if this new ground will morph into a fun, original experience.

Sony's downloadable games initiative continues with Wipeout HD, a continuation of the popular futuristic racing series on thePS3. The guys give it a spin.


With Alex in London, Dan, and Jeff head down to Blizzcon to get some hands-on time with Diablo III and Starcraft II. They come away VERY impressed.


This week's sponsor, Dead Space, wants Alex, Dan, and Jeff to be prepared for horror in outer space, so they force the guys to watch Jason X. Find out what happens when terror gets and upgrade.

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