Amazoo - Public Enemies, The Conduit, The Hurt Locker, Walking Dead, and Britten & Brulightly

Is Public Enemies hotter than Heat? The Conduit: Wii FPS motion control done right? Should you enter the Hurt Locker? Plus, zombie and noir mystery comics!

This week in Movies:

With a resume like Heat, Miami Vice, Manhunter, and more, Michael Mann might be the master of the crime film. Alex, Dan, and Jeff travel back to the '30s to check out his newest, Public Enemies to see if he can possibly out-do himself again.

Recent Iraq war films have tackled the conflict from a number of different angles, but Kathryn Bigelow manages to find fresh ground in The Hurt Locker, by focusing on an elite bomb squad unit. Are the guys blown away?

This week in Video Games:

Finally, a first-person shooter designed from the ground up for the Wii's motion controller. Alex, Dan, and Jeff check out Sega's Conduit to see if the promise of Wiimote shooter action can deliver.

This week in Comics:

Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead has been a fan favorite for years, but Alex, Dan, and Jeff are just getting around to checking it out. Are they aboard the zombie love train?

First time comic book author, Hannah Berry, delivers a unique noir mystery with Britten and Brulightly. The guys take a break from capes and cowls to see what else comics can do.

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