Burp-Sneeze - Fanboys, Push, Afro Samurai, G.I. Joe, Transformers 2, Year One, Dead Rising 2, Land of the Lost

What do 3 fanboys think of Fanboys? Does Push pull is in? Is Afro Samurai as cool as it looks? Plus, a special look at the biggest Super Bowl movie trailers

This week in Movies:

Fanboys, about a group of friends in the 90's breaking into Skywalker Ranch and stealing Episode I before its release, seems like a movie made just for Alex, Dan, and Jeff. But does it honor the geek lifestyle, or turn to the dark side?

A movie about super powers that isn't based on a comic book? Can Push, actually be any good?

This week in Video Games:

Samuel L. Jackson brings his special brand of badassery to video game form in Afro Samurai, based on the anime of the same name. It has a striking visual style, but does the gameplay stack up?

The guys check out the leaked Dead Rising 2 trailer and Left 4 Dead's first DLC announcement, and discuss zombies and the best place to dismember them.


The Superbowl has become a major place for studios to debut their big tentpole movie trailers, and this year was no exception. In an unprecedented return to the movie segment, the guys review this year's crop of big-bang movie ads.

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