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Michael Clayton: Early Oscar contender? Plus Star Trek prequel casting. Orange Box: Is a 2 year-old game this year's best purchase? Medal of Honor Airborne: A new take on WWII? Phantom Hourglass: Does Zelda with a stylus work? Heroes season 2 impressions and more!

This week in Movies:

The fall is here, and with it comes complex, Oscar-caliber films like George Clooney's latest, Michael Clayton. Alex, Dan, and Jeff give their review.

Land of the Lost has had 2 different Saturday morning incarnations. The guys discuss whether it deserves the big screen treatment.

Casting news continues to leak from the JJ Abrams Star Trek prequel. The guys review the leads and give their take.

The trailer for the new film, Jumper has the guys psyched!

This week in Video Games:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff have opened up the Orange Box and found a lot to like!

Medal of Honor used to be the franchise to beat when it came to WWII. The guys play Medal of Honor: Airborne to see if it can reclaim some of the series' former glory.

Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass has finally hit the DS. The guys made use of their 10-hour plane flight to check it out.

This week in TV:

Heroes returned for season 2 while the guys were in London. Back in the states, they give their take on the first 3 new episodes. Thanks, TiVo!

Speaking of London, the guys also enjoyed some of the UK's cool time travel cop drama, Life on Mars. Thanks, wideawakewesley!

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