Conaniverse - Foot Fist Way, Wii Fit, Age of Conan, Australia, and Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Are we going the wrong Foot Fist Way? Will Age of Conan make us say WoW? Dan wants to go to Australia. Plus, which of us is most Wii Fit?

This week in Movies:

In the tradition of Napoleon Dynamite and Swingers, Foot Fist Way is another little comedy making waves from out of nowhere. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay love it. What do Alex, Jeff, and Dan think?

Baz Luhrmann is the director of some of the most visually and aurally creative films of the last 10 years. His next project, Australia, has a new trailer, and the guys take a look.

This week in Video Games:

With the dominance of World of Warcraft, the MMORPG market is a landscape littered with failures. Funcom's newest entry, Age of Conan offers a refined interface, interesting world, and bold new combat system, in a single player/MMO hybrid. Is it enough to thrive? Alex, Dan, and Jeff offer up their first impressions.

Critical darling but sales disappointment, Beyond Good & Evil, is actually getting a sequel! The guys talk briefly about the announcement trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2.


How do three rad dudes with nothing better to do look bouncing around like idiots on aWii Fit balance board? Download this week's episode to find out.

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