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Does Cronenberg deliver on his Eastern Promises? What is Southland Tales? Heavenly Sword: More than just a pretty face? Reaper: A keeper? Journeyman: A quantum leap in storytelling or just derivative? Plus, TGS news from Sony, and the brand spankin' new TRS website!

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan and Jeff brave the violent world of the Russian mob in their review of David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises.

Richard Kelly garnered a cult following with his first film, Donnie Darko. The guys look at his soon to be released follow-up, Southland Tales, and discuss its long, turbulent ride to the big screen.

This week in Video Games:

Big first party exclusives are finally starting to hit the PS3. The guys grab a Sixaxis and see if Heavenly Sword delivers more than just great graphics.

The guys also discuss PS3 news from the Tokyo Game Show, including a new controller, delayed Home, and the mysterious Afrika.

This week in TV:

The guys wrap up their look at the most anticipated Fall pilots with Reaper and Journeyman, and disagree about which will be a better series.


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