Drawer - Blindness, Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, Nintendo DSi, Punch Out and more

Is Blindness worth seeing? Does Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist get the party started? Should we return to WWII for another Brothers in Arms? A new Nintendo DS? Is Heroes good again? Plus, two more TV pilots, and the Summer Wager results!

This week in Movies:

The visionary director of City of God's new film, Blindness, is a disturbing tale of chaos that results from nearly the entire world going inexplicably blind. Alex, Dan, and Jeff see it clearly.

Watch Dan loose his mind over the new romantic comedy, Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist!

This week in Video Games:

With an ambitious narrative and squad-based, tactical gameplay, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is a more mature approach to the WWII shooter. Does it carve out a worthwhile alternative to the run-and-gun? Alex, Dan, and Jeff decide.

Nintendo has announced a new handheld and a Wii remake of Punch Out. The guys weigh in.

This week in TV:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff take a look at 2 new shows, The Mentalist and The Life and Times of Tim, and touch base on the new season of Heroes.


It has been a while in coming, but the Summer Wager is finally over and there is a clear winner! Check out who will be washing the car of whom.

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