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It's the UK Extravaganza! Does Run, Fatboy, Run have legs? Is the Sweeney Todd trailer worth singing about? What is the state of arcades in Europe? A fully rad rundown of London: Forbidden Planet, a football match, unusual food, and much, much, more. Plus, Dan becomes an Englishman!

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan and Jeff take in a British film, Simon Pegg's new comedy, Run, Fatboy, Run. Was it worth a 10 hour plane flight?

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are teaming yet again for Sweeney Todd. The guys slice off a piece of the latest trailer.

This week in Video Games:

The guys swing by the London Eye to check out the Namco Arcade, and discuss the death of the classic video arcades at home and abroad.

Smack dab in one of the most compelling locations on the planet, the guys discuss N'Gai Croal's article about setting in videogames.


Alex, Dan, and Jeff spend the week in jolly ol' England. Tons of coverage of London's raddest locations.

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