Flume - Rock Band 2, Appaloosa, Synecdoche New York, Pure, and BBQ

We get the Rock Band back together, hop on our ATVs in Pure, visit two towns with crazy names, Appaloosa and Synecdoche, New York, and top it all off with some BBQ with a special guest!

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff square off at high noon with Ed Harris' star-studded new western, Appaloosa.

The enigmatic screenwriter of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Adaptation makes his directing debut in the upcoming Synecdoche, New York. The guys take a look at the new trailer and value their anticipation.

This week in Video Games:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff get their hands on Rock Band 2 and the new wireless drum and guitar peripherals.

Offroad racing games get a kick in the pants with Disney Interactive's Pure. The guys trick out their ATVs and hit the dunes.


1up.com's Executive Editor: News, Garnett Lee, joins the TRS guys for some old-fashioned, end-of-summer BBQ.

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