Friendo - Fable 2, Changeling, Let the Right One In, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Halloween Pumpkins!

Halloween 2008! Has Molyneaux spun a fantastic Fable 2? Does Eastwood deliver Changeling we can believe in? Should you Let the Right One In? A new Star Wars MMO? Plus, pumpkins!

This week in Movies:

Clint Eastwood's latest drama, The Changeling is a true story of disturbing events in 1920's Los Angeles. Find out if Alex, Dan, and Jeff can handle it.

There is a ton of buzz coming from the Swedish horror film, Let the Right One In. Is it this year's The Orphanage?

This week in Video Games:

One of the biggest sequels of the year is finally here. See what Alex, Dan, and Jeff think of the Xbox 360 role-playing title, Fable 2.

Bioware and Lucasarts have finally announced their upcoming partnership game. The guys gauge the prospects of Star Wars: The Old Republic.


It is Halloween! That means costumes, candy, and... pumpkin carving!

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