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Absolutely Horrent

Some Atonement for missed Oscar contenders. Is No More Heroes one more hero for the Wii? Rez goes hi-res on the 360. We've found our way back to Lost. And what is a Ripstick?

This week in Movies:

Coming off of last week's Rambo review, Alex, Dan, and Jeff go to the complete other side of the spectrum this week as they finally get around to checking out the Golden Globe winner for Best Drama, Atonement. Is it worthy of the accolade?

The new Wolfman film starring Benicio Del Toro has been a troubled project as of late. The guys discuss various directors that have been rumored to take the helm.

UPDATE: Since the taping of this episode, the director has been announced.

This week in Video Games:

The Wii-exclusive action title, No More Heroes offers over-the-top M-rated fun with a lightsaber. Can Alex, Dan, and Jeff get past the sub-par graphics and enjoy the mayhem?

Rez was was ahead of its time when it was released on the Dreamcast (and later the PS2). But now the time has finally come, as the guys take a look at the re-vamped remake, Rez HD on Xbox Live Arcade.

This week in TV:

Amidst the wasteland of the writers' strike, one epic show returns with new episodes. Alex, Dan, and Jeff strand themselves back on the island of Lost and discuss the season premiere, as well as catching back up on season 3.


What the hell is a Ripstick and why is it so rad?

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