Intaint - Friday the 13th, Street Fighter IV, F.E.A.R. 2, The International

We're live at the Street Fighter IV launch party! How do the Mad Catz arcade sticks stack up? Is Friday the 13th better than Jason X? We face our FEAR 2. And don't overlook The International!

This week in Movies:

Friday the 13th gets the horror series reboot/update that has become all the rage recently. Alex, Dan, and Jeff bring their 80's slasher film nostalgia with them to find out if the new film gets the genre right.

The International might not be getting as much attention as a lot of other big-budget thrillers, but the guys think you might not want to miss this one. Then again, is it all plot and no character?

This week in Video Games:

The biggest fighting franchise of them all is finally getting a new installment. Alex, Dan, and Jeff take Street Fighter IV, for a spin (or is it just a quarter-turn?), and put the new Mad Catz arcade sticks through the paces at the same time. Are they worth the hefty price tag?

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin has the guys jumping out of their skin. Does it pack the punch a AAA shooter should?


Capcom blew the doors off of downtown LA to celebrate the release of Street Fighter IV, and Alex, Dan, and Jeff were there. You might need a Sonic Broom to clean up the chaos!

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