Jilted - Taken, Coraline, King's Bounty, Academy Award picks

We're Taken to the limit in Liam Neeson's latest. Is Coraline 3D stop motion bliss? Find out the PC game you MUST play! Plus, the annual Oscar wager!

This week in Movies:

Liam Neeson redefines badass in Taken. Do Alex, Dan, and Jeff dig the new definition?

Another 3D movie this week, but this time it is the hand-crafted, stop-motion Coraline, from the director of Nightmare Before Christmas. Does it live up to that film's legacy?

This week in Video Games:

Jeff has found his new gaming obsession, and its name is King's Bounty: The Legend. Are Alex and Dan equally addicted?


It is that time of year again. A fully cooked breakfast is on the line as the guys lay down their picks for the Academy Awards. Who do you think will win this year?

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